“Do penis enlargement pills work?”


It seems like people don’t settle for small these days. Everything should be big, houses are considered a mediocre if they aren’t huge, fruits and vegetables have been genetically engorged twice their original size, gigantic TV sets are all the rage, the cashiers of fast food chains lure you to upsize your meal to get larger fries and drinks.

Big, in concept, is especially straining to men who associate having a big penis to virility, attractiveness, and sexual prowess. For this reason, many men are willing to be milked (of their money) just to improve the size of their penis.

There is a lucrative market for devices, manual exercises, penis patches and pills, devoted to help men gain a bigger—thicker and longer— penis. Among all the alternatives for male enhancements, taking penis enlargement pills seems to be the easiest route to the bigger-penis promise land. But it shoots the question, do penis enlargement pills work?

To gain a full erection, it is important that particular expandable chambers in our penis, called corpora cavernosa, are fully filled with blood. The corpora cavernosa, when filled with blood, grow and expand, thus transforming the flaccid penis to an erect one.

It follows that it takes a smooth flow of blood in the penis and a large corpora cavernosa to have a bigger penis. This is where the penis enlargement pills come into the picture. Manufacturers claim that their penis enlargement pills not only facilitate the smooth flow of blood to the corpora cavernosa, but also stimulate the cell growth of the cavernosa chambers themselves.

The brand Vigrx Plus guarantees maximum increase of penis length and girth by just popping the pills alone, for a certain time period. Most of the ingredients of the pills are herbal, making it sound healthy and safe. One of the most popular penile enhancement pills among consumers is ProSolution. This brand is marketed through its pills’ three-inch growth benefit.

Most of the penis enlargement pills are labeled as dietary supplement. It is common knowledge that the word supplement means “an addition to.” In addition to what? Perhaps another pill, device, a mental image to be visualized, or a mantra to be recited daily?

The author of www.peniswork.com, personally tested several penis enhancement pills, and came to a conclusion that the pills only work when combined with exercise. He emphasizes that the enhancement pills momentarily engorge the penis by increasing the blood flow, but they don’t encourage permanent cell growth of the corpora cavernosa.

Cell growth is facilitated if the cavernosa chambers are flexed and stretch. The pills can only get you so far, but not to the extent of delivering the promise of some manufacturers of gaining inches in a few weeks time without exercise. On the other hand, exercise alone does not assure increase in penis length and girth.

For this reason, a number of manufacturers from the penile enlargement industry include a work-out plan for the penis when you buy their pills. Some manufacturers, however, remain adamant about the permanent penile-increase benefit one can get by taking the pills solely.

Whether the success of the pills relies on exercise is still a subject of controversy. Though, it won’t hurt if one incorporates a good work-out plan in addition to the pills he is taking. According to www.peniswork.com, exercise infused pill program doubles the success rate of one’s penile enlargement goal.

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