“How to get a harder erection


Not getting a hard-on could not only be embarrassing but could one something that could have ended great. We could not only get turned off with not only getting an erection but primarily effect something that is worse – that we are not attractive enough for you to get really stimulated.

We are highly aware of how you are inclined on underestimating your capability in getting us all steamed up and also in comparing your member to others. Studies show how many a number of men often complain about not having enough down there. You wish it is longer but from a woman’s point of view, size really doesn’t sometimes matter.

Believe us when we say that your size is not our only basis of assessing your performance – there are known grounds such as foreplay and touching – and, yes, your approval of our efforts in giving you the best sack session ever.

However, you not getting a hard on and even a weak erection are another. You may not know it but we think we have a problem – it’s either we’re not doing great or not beautiful enough. If there is one myth that we would like to bust right now, it is that your size is irrelevant. Ironic but let me tell you, no matter how long or short it is, every penis would be virtually of the same size when erect.

And, one more thing, we could accommodate virtually any size that could exist – thanks to the vagina’s capability to stretch to at least 4 inches when properly stimulated. So, we’re just left with one more thing: how to get a harder erection.

Men, especially those with erectile disability, often consult with physicians their recommended solutions in how to get a harder erection. We know how private you are when concerning your member, so we advice you to visit a physician who are specializing on this matter.

They primarily practice on NHS urology clinic, sexual medicine clinics, genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics, family planning clinics, and even Brooks advisory clinics. However, as we deem that this topic could be, well, private enough that you could not just take discussing it with even a specialist.

One of the things that a man could actually do is the recommended PC muscle exercise. Also known as the Pubococcygeus muscle, the PC, located between the anal canal and the base of the testis, primarily controls and regulates the release and flow of semen and urine. For a better performance and get a real hard-on, most men are recommended to exercise this part of their member.

When done properly, most men would be able to control their ejaculation and would help maintain one’s prostate. To easily locate your PC (the muscle, that is), feel the muscle between the anal canal and your testis when you are in an erect state. While having an erection, find the muscle that when squeezed would make your penis ‘jump’.

To do a PC muscle exercise, sit when you have your penis erect. Squeeze the muscle to make your member jump for at least 3 to 5 seconds, then, relax. Holding in that position should count as one repetition. After performing this, you may find it hard to maintain your erection. Don’t worry though as this is normal.

Men who would want to know the easiest (and even economic) method on how to get a harder erection would be quite happy to know about this effective PC muscle exercise. As with any type of exercise that is aimed with improving one’s body, PC muscle exercise would take time to achieve your desired result – and performance.

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